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Although the evaluation of employees by their superiors is as old as the history of humanity, until recently this was done by random and subjective methods. Contemporary personnel evaluation systems, on the other hand, clearly define the objectives, the methods to be used to achieve these objectives and monitor the results. How is Performance Evaluation Made? It is defined which elements of being “successful” in any task are included in what proportions, and managers make evaluations about how close their working attitudes and behaviors approach the ideals by meeting with their subordinates at certain times. All works are based on objectivity. The goal is to measure success.

Success is related to “task” and “person”, and it is the rate of fulfillment of the task in a way that achieves the predetermined goals. Research reveals that the level of psychological desire to succeed as well as personal ability plays a role in the success of the employee at work. Talents may differ from person to person, some of them have more talent than the other. However, in general, abilities show a normal distribution; It was determined that the majority of them were moderately talented. The most important factor in business success is the intensity of the desire to reveal these talents, rather than what the talents are.

How is Performance Evaluation Made?

Until recently, the evaluation of employees by their superiors was done by random and subjective methods.

The employee’s desire to know what his managers think about him and his efforts is called the “need for feedback”. Adequate satisfaction of this need plays a stimulating role in the motivation to succeed. Thanks to a well-functioning personnel evaluation system, the subordinate receives continuous feedback from their superiors and has information about how their work is perceived. This both increases the employee’s desire to succeed and helps him to prepare himself for new developments.

For all this to happen In the evaluation of success, the principle of “openness” must be adhered to.

The success evaluation process is a system as long as it can create a continuous communication channel between the subordinate and the superior.. It ceases to be a punishment tool and gains a constructive and forward-looking function as a personal development and education tool.

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