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People can also communicate with looks, facial expressions and gestures without speaking. You can evaluate the movements of the person you are talking to and direct the communication activity. What do people’s facial expressions and gestures mean to you? Meaning of Body Language To better understand what’s going on, turn off the sound on any TV show and try to understand what’s going on.

When you find time to repeat this, it will be easier for you to understand and evaluate the facial expressions of the people. Body language Understanding the meaning will guide you in your communication with people.

Meaning of Body Language

body language Numerous studies have been carried out on the subject and training programs have been organized for managers. Here we will try to give you a few examples of the meanings of facial expressions and body movements.

Movement Meaning

Crossing the arms on the chest Defense
Nodding of the head forward Interest
hand touching chin Evaluation, reasoning
Don’t touch the nose Rejection, disagreement
Joining the fingertips of both hands Confidence, boasting
Having the hand in front of the mouth Insincerity, uncertainty
Hand on cheek Inattention, evaluation
pupil dilation Interest
Excessive blinking Worry, restlessness
Constantly looking around Nervousness, distress
Leaning the body forward Interest
Body leaning back Disagreeing

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