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Effective leadership is successful Administrationis the key. The working style and efficiency of the subordinates are highly dependent on the leader’s effectiveness.

What kind of leader are you? Measure Your Leadership Ability in 10 questions. The following test may shed some light on you to understand this.

You can make your own evaluation from the answer keys after you have found your total score by marking the most appropriate one out of the three options under each question.

1- Which of the following would you prefer to be?
a) Group spokesperson
b) Team captain
c) army commander

2- To what extent do you consult your subordinates when making a decision that will affect their work?
a) Almost always. I value your experience.
b) Sometimes when I have time.
c) Never. Managers should make their own decisions.

Measure Your Leadership Ability

3- Do you allow your subordinates to have a say in setting goals?
a) Always.
b) Sometimes.
c) Never.

4- What is the most important benefit to be obtained from the delegation of authority,
a) The manager’s work becomes lighter.
b) It contributes to the development of subordinates’ personal abilities.
c) It allows the manager to allocate time for high-level tasks.

5- How much authority do you delegate to your subordinates?
a) They should consult any matter they hesitate to decide.
b) They should consult their hesitations other than written or customary matters.
c) It is sufficient for them to provide information after a decision has been put into practice.

6- How do you treat your subordinates who have achieved remarkable success in a task you have assigned?
a) Immediately, I congratulate myself.
b) Try not to act in a way that shows appreciation.
c) I congratulate when I see it.

7- How would you explain an important organizational change to your subordinates?
a) I ensure that the relevant article is read by hand.
b) I assign one of the lower level managers to explain the issue to the employees.
c) I organize a meeting and explain it personally.

8- What would you do if the productivity of a subordinate decreased visibly?
a) I warn him to collect himself soon.
b) I discuss the issue with him and investigate the reason.
c) I wait until the year-end evaluation interview.

9- What do you do when an asthmatic comes up with an innovative proposal that won’t work?
a) I point out the shortcomings of the proposal, but I encourage it to continue research.
b) I would say that the proposal is costly or untimely in terms of implementation or does not provide a practical solution.
c) I promise to think about it and put it in my drawer.

10- How would you treat a subordinate who failed the promotion exam?
a) I would say not to be upset, and that such defeats should be considered normal in business life.
b) I express my ideas on how to be more successful in the next exam.
c) I state that it is not necessary for everyone to rise.

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