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First of all, it is virtually impossible to manage time, which is a unique resource. Because time will continue to flow at a predetermined speed. However, the activities we devote our time to are mostly controllable. Then Time ManagementWhat is i? Time Administrationi is based on the principle of placing these activities in the most effective way within the time we have by ordering them according to their priorities.

In order to be freed from being a slave to time and to start managing it, one will first need to define what his goals, activities and values ​​are important to, and evaluate how well they are compatible with each other.

In the next stage, time-killing activities that do not contribute much to achieving the goals and are always at the bottom of the priorities will need to be eliminated or minimized by various methods.

The Importance of Time Management in Management

Studies reveal that the higher a person is on the managerial ladder, the more hours and days he works. The reason for this is that the work they do requires more responsibility and time, and the number of people working under their management is high with the authorities they will delegate.

First of all, a manager needs to bring effective solutions to reach the goals by taking time, which is a valuable resource, under control.

What is Time Management?

Of course, an officer can be seen as working harder than a manager. But the manager needs time to keep his reasoning multidimensional and not lose interest. It becomes increasingly difficult for a manager who constantly pursues current problems and concentrates only on the execution of a technical job, to take sound decisions on issues that concern the entire organization, and to be successful in matters such as planning, target setting and evaluation. For this reason, managers tend to devote time to these issues outside of working hours and to deal with current problems during working hours. Considering that the time that the manager has will never be enough to do all the work produced by his consciousness or imagination, it should not be forgotten that the problem of time cannot be solved by extending the working hours, and the solution lies in goal setting, prioritization and organized work. Because, a manager who works intensely without resting cannot be expected to be productive in the aspects of his business life that require creativity. It should not be forgotten that a healthy body will provide the energy it will need while carrying out its work.

Research reveals that managers devote 20% of their time to administrative activities. However, the constant neglect of these activities, which play a major role in achieving personal and corporate goals, is nothing but professional suicide. Request time management aims to achieve much better results in a short time by balancing the time that the manager has between the tasks required by his managerial skills.

The primary duty of a manager is to be effective. To be effective, a manager must be successful in time management. Effectiveness and Efficiency in Management We’ve looked at the subject before.

Moreover, the manager should be the person who seeks ways to work more efficiently by controlling not only his own time, but also the time of the people working under his command. It should not be forgotten that the good or bad work habits of the manager will be reflected on his employees after a while.

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