Words and Behaviors That Motivate Employees

It is possible for managers to encourage their subordinates even with the simplest words and behaviors and to use their power positively due to their positions. There are several ways to do this. Words and behaviors that motivate employees can be listed as follows:

    • Presenting the corrections to the employees as a development process:

Managers can motivate their subordinates by pointing out the positive aspects of the process while talking about the corrections that need to be made.

When explaining a new plan, it should be avoided to say “This type of work will prevent the wrong execution of the work as it was last year”, and should be spoken as “This approach will help us improve the work we died in doing”.

    • Recognition of the efforts and contributions of employees:

«I know that you all work hard to achieve the results we want, for example, we see a lot of benefit from the overwork that Mr. X and his colleagues have been doing for the past week.»

Words and Behaviors That Motivate Employees

Such words of the manager will motivate Mr. X, his fellow officers and some of the other officers. your efforts Administration Understanding that it is seen by the employees will increase the motivation of other employees. However, it is essential that the effort and contributions the manager puts on are truly commendable. Unnecessary praise and appreciation can have a negative impact on other employees.

    • Dealing with subordinates’ problems:

The simplest way to deal with people is to listen to them. A subordinate’s description of personal problems does not necessarily indicate that he expects a solution to be offered. The person can only speak to satisfy the need to tell, and loves and respects a supervisor who takes the time to listen to him.

Sometimes it is possible to help the subordinate to resolve their problems rather than listen to them. For example, a small change in his work flow may help resolve his work-related problem. As a result, the person will work more willingly and contribute more.

    • Providing information to employees:

Managers can motivate subordinates by providing detailed information while conveying important issues.
Such explanations make the person feel valued and encourage them to stick to things with greater enthusiasm. However, that doesn’t mean telling them things that shouldn’t be explained to them. It means conveying the issues that can be explained in more detail and by going down to the reasons.

    • Asking subordinates for their ideas and suggestions:

Among the ideas and suggestions of different people, there may be some that will be of great benefit to the organization. For this reason, a good manager will from time to time ask his subordinates for their ideas and suggestions and make them believe that they value their opinions.

Emphasizing on the ideas and suggestions stated, their further development; can create new ones. Thus, he gets useful suggestions and encourages his subordinates.

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